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Our firm provides litigation services that assist insurance companies, independent adjusters, public adjusters, surety bond managers, insured's, their representatives and attorneys, in the interpretation and evaluation of complex accounting and financial issues. Areas in which we serve litigators include:

"One who only does work for either the defense or the plaintiff cannot assert true objectivity."

Insurance Claims

We calculate compensable losses related to insurance claims. We differentiate ourselves by providing services to both plaintiffs', attorneys. and defendants / respondents. In that manner, we have shown our ability to review a loss / valuation through the perspective of both parties. As a result, our services often are integral to a settlement.

"It is imperative to use the policy language to calculate the compensable loss."

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Fraud Investigations

Being a Certified Fraud Examiner we are experienced at detecting fraudulent transactions.

"While it is true that some Claims are overstated, most are not fraudulent."

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Attorneys Specializing in Fraud

We are experienced Certified Valuation Analysts who have performed numerous such valuations.

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